[New Video] Webolette Anchor

In this video we demonstrate the most common configuration of the Webolette, using 7mm nylon cord. The Webolette can also be built using webbing or a sewn sling with loops on each end.


In this video we discuss the Sliding X anchor (also known as the Magic X or Cross Sling anchor). Whilst remedying the problem of dynamic equalization, the Sliding X is open to catastrophic failure without limiting knots tied in. It’s most commonly used with bomber bolts on sport climbs.

Climbing anchors: The Cordelette

PLEASE READ: In this video we show you the basic cordelette anchor, used most commonly for top roping and belay stations on multipitch.

A weakness not touched on in the video is that if the arms of the cordelette anchor are of vastly different lengths, the shortest arm will bear the most load. The anchor is strongest and most effective when all arms are roughly the same length and are loaded in the direction of pull intended.

Always seek guidence from an experienced climber if you’re not familar with anchors.

Obsession Climbing x Blocfit

Teaming up with Blocfit was epic, looking at a long series of training videos to help you get stronger. Specifically exercises that will help you climb stronger regardless of your ability.

In this video we look at a ‘one leg raised press up’ its pretty tricky and should be a good challenge for those comfortable with standard press ups, keep and eye out as each week and new exercise and difficulty will be released.